"We are both prisoners of our cultures as of our organization, and it is now a matter to find out whether, if at all, there is a deeper truth beyond."

– Eugène Ionesco in "André Coutin: Wortmeldungen. Gespräche mit Eugène Ionesco."


On the following pages places in Paris are described in picture and writing, which are connected with Eugène Ionesco. Even today the French metropolis offers the possibility to follow the steps of this great French playwright – from the entrance of his last apartement to the still vivid Thèâtre de la Huchette and finally to the place of his final rest.

Thèâtre de la Huchette

Even after Eugène Ionesco’s death the "Spectacle IONESCO" lives on. The wit and the message of his plays can most intensively be experienced at his Théâtre in Paris’ Quartier Latin. Théâtre de la Huchette was founded in 1948 under the management of George Vitaly, to perform plays of Schehade, Kataiev, Bréal and Audiberti. In 1952 under the guidance of Vitaly’s successor, Marcel Pinard, permission is given to perform Genêt, Lorca, Tourgueniev, Ionesco and Tardieu at the Théâtre. Théâtre de la Huchette became Ionesco’s theatre. On October 7, 1952 (until april 26, 1953) the theatre for the first time showed the two plays "La Cantatrice chauve" and "La Lecon" one after the other. The 85 seats counting theatre took up those two plays again on February 16, 1957. Until today they are shown together without interruption. At the End of 1987 already the 10.000 show was given. 1979 Théâtre de la Huchet set a new world record: constant play of "La Cantatrice chauve" and "La Lecon" for more than 22 years. The record until then was held by Agatha Ciristie’s "Mausefalle".

Home in Paris

Until his death in 1994 Eugène Ionesceo lived in an apartement on Boulevard du Montparnasse in Paris. The interview with Ulrich Wickert was mainly recorded there. The picture shows the entrance of the house on Boulevard du Montparnasse, close to Brasserie La Coupole.

Brasserie La Coupole

Brasserie La Coupole in Paris is situated close to the last home Eugène Ionesco lived in on Boulevard du Montparnasse. In his book "Und Gott schuf Paris" Ulrich Wickert says on page 75 "Ionesco, too, drank his beer - and maybe that of his wife as well - at La Coupole". Hemingway, Sartre, Picasso and Dali were served by the founder and longterm owner René Lafon. It may be, as Wickert mentions, that after the change of owner even La Coupole startet making its money with crowds of tourists and that Eugène Ionesco started considering the place too noisy. However, a visit of this brasserie is worth it – especially because of its delicious home-made lamb curry, famous and popular since the brasserie’s founding in 1927.

Final resting place

After his death at the end of March 1994 Eugène Ionesco is burried on “Cimetière de Montparnasse”. Since 2004 his wife Rodica has her final rest there as well. The grave is located on Allée Lenoir, 6. division. Eugène Ionesco’s final message as written on his tombstone goes as follows: I beg “I do not know who” – I hope: Jesus Christ